What is Teamwork & Team Building


l Concept of people working together as a team

Team player

l A team player is someone who is able to get along with their

Colleagues and work together in a cohesive group

Team Building

l Process of establishing and developing a greater sense of collaboration and trust between


Why Should We Be a Team?

l When staff use their skills and knowledge together, the result is a stronger agency that can fulfill

its mission

“To provide accurate information that would assist individuals in achieving a better quality of


l People working together can sustain the enthusiasm and lend support needed to complete the

work of each program.

The Team

q defines the problem

q agrees on goals and formulates strategies for tackling the tasks

q determines the challenges and identifies information needed

q Individuals take on certain roles

q develops trust and communication

Storming Diagnosis

l Do we have common goals and objectives?

l Do we agree on roles and responsibilities?

l Do our task, communication, and decision systems work?

l Do we have adequate interpersonal skills?

Giving Constructive Feedback

l Be descriptive

l Don't use labels

l Don’t exaggerate

l Don’t be judgmental

l Speak for yourself

l What should you consider in designing team building?


• History, norms, culture

• Context of current request

• Why now (not 6 months earlier/later?)

• What happens if TB is not done?

• What do you want to be different?

• What’s prevented this from happening until now?

• How do you structure your behavior?

Judging (structure)-Perceiving (change)


• Make plans and follow them

• Things settled and finished

• Decide too quickly

• Dislike changing priorities

• Not notice new things

• Just the essentials

• Satisfied with decision


• Adapt to changing situations

• Leave things open

• Open-ended decisions

• Too many unfinished projects

• Postpone unpleasant jobs

• Want to know everything

• Curious and open to ideas

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